Statement of Faith

1. God has chosen to reveal Himself gernerally in His creation. He has given His special revalaton in the Bible alone. It is His very Word and is completely true and trustworthy. In it are all things needful for life and godliness. 

2. The Lord God in one God. In this divine and infinite Being, there is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. In beginning God created all things in six twenty-four hour days. He created man in His own image, perfect in all ways and free from sin. God pronounced His creation very good and rested the seventh day from all His work of creation.

4. God also instituted marriage to be between one man and one woman forever. 

5. Adam and eve, the first created people, lost their original perfection when they ate the forbidden fruit in the garden. Thus, they and all their posterity have a sinful nature and are dead spiritually and have and will continue to die naturally. 

6. Thus, people are unable to save themselves from their own sin, misery and the wrath of God. 

7. God, according to His own plan from all eternity, has purposed to save His elect people from their sinful condition. 

8. God the Father sent His only begotten Son, born of the virgin Mary, into the world. He is fully Man in one undivided nature. He lived a perfect life for them, died their death on the cross, rose from the grave on the third day, ascended into heaven, from where He came, and ever lives to intercede for them. By so doing, Jesus Christ is the perfect and only Savior for sinful people. 

9. Upon Christ’s return to Heaven, He sent His Holy Spirit into the world to apply His salvation to all His people. 

10. God‘s method of bringing people to Himself is the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the power of God to all who believe.

11. The Holy Spirit thus calls, gives new life, convicts of sin, reveals Jesus Christ and gives repentance and faith to sinners through the Gospel.

12. The only way for people to be right with God their Creator is by God’s free grace alone, through Jesus Christ alone, by faith, through the power of the Holy Spirit accompanying the word of God. 

13.  The salvation is all of God. Faith is the free gift of God. It is exercised by the power of the Holy Spirit within His people. God‘s people live this life by His power within, serving God with gladness and in holiness in all their lives, to be safely brought through death into the presence of God. 

14. Jesus Christ will return to earth a second time in judgement. All people will be raised and given new, immortal bodies, the saved to live forever in the new Heaven and Earth and those who have rejected Jesus Christ to live forever and Hell apart from God.