Dave Dickmann

A short autobiographical sketch of David William Dickmann

 I was born to Michael and Karen Dickmann and March of 1970. I attended the regular meetings of the church with my family, went to conferences, and was present for family devotions where I heard the gospel of God. I knew to some small degree that I was a sinner and would be justly sent to spend eternity in hell if I should die. The fear of hell was real to me as was the longing to be content with my life and to feel some sense of purpose. My parents were an inspiration to me in their seemingly never ending patience with life and confidence that their God would provide and that all He did was right. I was married to Cheryl and 1996 but it was not until April of 1998 that the Lord saw fit to grant unto me repentance and faith. Finally the gospel was not Christ died but Christ died for me. I am thankful to God for my parents, Martin Lloyd-Jones, and Conrad Murrell who were all influential in my conversion; and to Bible Baptist Church in Maplewood Missouri for hosting their annual spring conference where Conrad was speaking. 

I am still happily married to Cheryl Dickmann and we are blessed with four children: Hannah, Benjamin, Grace, and Conrad. 

 I grew up mostly in Dutchtown (in south St. Louis City) and then for a few years in Antonia Missouri. We now live in Hillsboro Missouri. 

I am a carpenter by trade and have made a living by that trade for most of my adult life although now Cheryl and I own a small remodeling company and most of my time is spent in the office. I still love to work in my wood shop and when I can I still enjoy going out in the field and working with my hands. 

 I was a member of several churches in the years following my conversion and owe a debt of gratitude to the elders and members of those churches who labored for my benefit. A small group of Christians began meeting together in homes in the fall of 2014 after a disappointing and heartbreaking experience in one of those churches of which we were all members. We were a group of like minded Christians without an elder and without a plan for the future. There were several able men in the group and I was sure that some of them would eventually be recognized as elders,  was fairly sure that all of them would not be recognized as elders and was absolutely positive that I was not called to be an elder. 

 Someone had to “chair” the meetings where we laid out plans for the future and I quickly volunteered for the job. It was at that time, for the first time, that I felt the Lord had burdened me with a few messages. My plan was to take a small role as a  “leader” and to deliver the few messages He had given me. Then when I was not recognized as an elder to be an example for the other men who may have wanted to be elders but were not recognized as such, as to how to gracefully and happily step aside and allow the Lord’s men to shepherd the flock. 

 The Lord Jesus had a different plan and only because He has revealed Himself as the one and only Good Shepherd I humbly submit myself to His plan. I was recognized as an elder by the Christians meeting together in the spring of 2016. The Lord Jesus has continued to give me good things that His people need to hear and has given me a love for those people. I still do not understand why He would choose me to be His under shepherd except to show the power of His grace. I still struggle with fear and a lack of faith when I know I am to stand before those people on Sunday morning or attempt to help them in their pursuit of God. The Lord is faithful and I trust that He will continue to hold me up and give me grace that is sufficient for whatever He calls me to do.